Fish Market Specials

Join Us for this Week's Fresh Seafood Specials!


SPECIAL pricing good Thursday to Sunday June 22nd to the 25th or "While Supplies Last!"

Please Call to order. Updated Thursday, June 22nd, 2017

Fresh Costa Rican Corvina Fillet $14.99/lb. SPECIAL!

Fresh Wild caught Pacific Coast Corvina. A staple fish of Central America with a large, firm flake and a mild sweet taste. A great fish for any Ceviche recipe!

Fresh Local COBIA Fillet $18.99/lb. SPECIAL!

Delicious Diver caught Local Cobia. A firm, white meat fish great to throw directly on the grill, oven roasted, or sliced thin and pan sauteed.

Xtra-Large Wild Harvest Authentic Key West Pink Shrimp $16.99/lb. SPECIAL!

Delicious wild harvest Shrimp from the shores of KEY WEST (21 to 25 count/lb.) Head-off, in the shell. A great shrimp to marinate and skewer for the grill, wrapped in bacon and grilled, coconut shrimp, Cocktail, or sauteed in our excellent scampi butter.

3 to 4 ounce Maine Lobster Tails $6.99/ea. SPECIAL! (Save 30% off the regular price)

Delicious Maine Lobster Tails have a sweet & succulent meat. Easy to prepare under the broiler, stuffed and baked in the oven, split and grilled, or just plain boiled and made into a lobster salad.

Fresh Premium Hand-cut Atlantic Salmon Fillet $12.99/lb. SPECIAL!

Fresh hand cut Atlantic Salmon. A great source of heart-healthy Omega-3's and protein. Try it with one of our all-natural Northwest Cedar Planks.

Fresh Live Maine Lobsters JUMBO 4 to 6 lbers $12.99/lb. Special held over while supplies last!

Fresh Quality Maine Lobster from a source you can trust! Our delicious Lobsters can be packed live to take home, or call us ahead of time and we can steam for you...Free of charge. (Please Call to order)

Clambake ``Feast`` for 2 $64.99

Clambakes are fun! A “Feast” of fresh PEI Black Mussels, Virginia’s finest Middle Neck Clams, red bliss potatoes, Cajun Andouille sausage, clam broth, sweet Florida corn and 2 Live Maine Lobsters (1 to 1.2lbs ea.)! Comes in a can ready to cook at your leisure! Please call to order.

Fresh Chatham Cape Cod Mussels $3.99/lb.

Fresh Mussels from the cold clean waters of Cape Cod. Try them sauteed with our house scampi butter, or simply pan roasted in white wine & butter. Grab a pound or 2 or 10.

Cherrywood Smoked Candied Scottish Salmon $24.99/lb.

A delicious snack of cured fresh Scottish Salmon fillet (honey/maple syrup/brown sugar/kosher salt) smoked over North Michigan Applewood chips. Lip-smack’in good.

Fresh KODIAK, Alaska Sockeye Salmon $24.99/lb.

Fresh caught wild salmon is in Season! Fresh Sockeye's flown in fresh from Kodiak, Alaska. High concentration of Omega-3's and protein, boasting a full, rich flavor.

Fresh Mahi Mahi Fillet $19.99/lb.

Looking for something Wild and Tropical? South Florida's most popular fish on sale this weekend! Mahi is a lean fish with a mild, sweet flavor profile. Large flakes with a firm texture...perfect for the grill.

Fresh New Zealand ORA King Salmon $26.99/lb.

Fresh Quality King Salmon from the pristine farms of New Zealand. Great tasting, sustainable, and full of heart healthy Omega-3's and protein. King Salmon have the highest oil content of all Salmon.

Fresh Day Boat Maine Sea Scallops $24.99/lb.

Delicious day-boat Sea Scallops of Maine, the most delicious scallop you will ever eat! Dry-Pak, as in fresh shucked and chem-free.

Boston Scrod Fillet $10.99/lb.

Delicious petite Cod fillet from the docks of Gloucester, Mass. Mild, light and flaky. Great for a buttery panko or Ritz coating and baked, or fried for a Fish-n-Chips dish the kids will love!

Homemade Jumbo Lump Crab Cakes $6.99/ea.

Perfectly seasoned Maryland style crab cakes made with real Jumbo Lump Blue Crab meat. Just brown-n-serve for a real Chesapeake experience!

New Item! Peeled & Deveined Raw Argentinian Red Shrimp $14.99/lb.

A New item at NEF, because "Wild Shrimp just taste better!" And is a delicious, nutritious source of protein. These tasty beauties come cleaned tail-off, ready to cook. An excellent shrimp skewered and grilled, fried, or shrimp scampi with our homemade scampi butter.

Lump Crab Stuffed South African Rock Lobster Tails $5.99/ea.

A sweet cold water South African Rock Lobster Tail paired with our Jumbo Lump Crab stuffing (par-baked). A delicious, easy to prepare main course or appetizer. Top with a little butter and white wine, heat in the oven 10-12minutes @ 350.

Homemade Smoked Fish Spread $6.99/ea. (8oz.)

Our 30 year old recipe of a combination of smoked fish (wahoo/tuna/mahi) blended with cream cheese, sour cream, and select spices. Try it with our great selection of fancy crackers.

Fresh New England Steamer Clams $7.99/lb.

Fresh New England Steamer Clams...A.k.a. Pissah's, soft shell clams. A delicious Clam hand dug in the flats of Plum Island Sound and through the mud flats of Maine and Mass.

Fresh Virginia Littleneck Clams *50 for $25.00 *100 for $48.00

Fresh harvested Virginia Clams of the Eastern Shore. Hand selected and packaged in 50 count bags. Tender, flavorful, high in protein, low in fat. Remember: “Our Clams don’t give a grit!”