Our Seafood Partners

Located in south Stuart, New England Wholesale has become one of the Treasure Coast’s highest quality seafood distributor. We supply live lobster, carry a large variety of fresh fish, live species and over 300 varieties of frozen products. Operating out of a 20,000 sq ft facility, we will provide you with the best customer service around. We have strict handling and safe processing standards that will ensure the best product delivered right to you!

We invite you to visit us in Stuart and tour a facility that is unmatched in Florida. On the tour, you can expect to see an impressive amount of refrigerated space for processing and holding fresh and frozen products, a 30,000 pound capacity live lobster pound, fully integrated and monitored sanitation system and a team with HACCP certified employees led by a coordinator to provide a superior product in the safest environment.

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Treasure Coast Seafood makes fresh seafood available to everyone, year-round. From meaty Maine Lobster to succulent scallops, Treasure Coast Seafood will deliver the freshest seafood right to your doorstep! Our fish from all over the globe. We have local fisherman who bring their catch directly to our processing facility. We also have reputable suppliers throughout the world who overnight product to us directly.

All of our fresh seafood products are processed in Stuart Florida. Our state-of-art facility opened in 2017 and was built to assure our products are processed safely following strict HACCP guidelines from the time they arrive at our facility to the time they arrive at your door. All orders are delivered next day and guaranteed fresh!

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