Fresh Seafood

We carry the following Fresh Seafood items during the year. Most are very seasonal and not always available.

Availability can change daily, please call for availability and to order.

Golden tilefish is low in fat and has a delicate, sweet flavor similar to lobster or crab.

Golden Tilefish

It is not surprising that Mahi Mahi is one of the most popular fishes around the world. It has a mild and sweet taste.


Flounder is highly valued commercially for its lean, white meat and light, delicate flavor, and it’s also one of the most popular recreational fish on the Atlantic coast.


Arctic Char have a rich taste with a flavor profile somewhere between trout and salmon with a fat content close to that of sockeye salmon. The flesh ranges in color from light pink to deep red with moderately firm but fine flakes.

Arctic Charr

Red Snapper is mildly sweet with a lean, firm moist texture. Fillets are skin-on.

Red Snapper

Very white, flaky texture and is typically not a very oily or high fat fish. This makes the fillet great for cooking in a variety of ways, as it takes on the flavor of additions very well without an over-riding fishy flavor. Excellent for sashimi.


Chilean Sea Bass has a wonderful taste. Its high fat content gives it a rich, moist, flavor profile which melts in your mouth. It has snow white flesh with large flakes.

Chilean Seabass

Alaskan Cod has a moist, flaky, and very mild tasting fillet. Low in calories, high in omega-3 fatty acids.

Wild Alaskan Cod Fillet

Argentine Red Shrimp are found deep in the ocean and are red when raw. They’re sweeter than regular shrimp with a flavor and texture more like lobster.

Argentine Red Shrimp

Fresh “Dry” New England Sea Scallops ready for the Grill, Sautéed, Pan seared or Baked in the oven. Try some Sea Scallops with Balsamic Vinegar Glaze.

Dry Sea Scallops

Black / Gag / Red

Fresh Grouper is a lean, moist fish with a distinctive yet mild flavor, large flakes and a firm texture. Grouper’s flavor profile is like a cross between Bass and Halibut.


MSC Certified

Northern Atlantic fish related to Cod yet are distinctly different. They have a mildly sweet taste with lean white flesh and medium flakes with a texture which is firm yet tender after cooking.


Halibut is a lean fish with mild, sweet tasting white flesh, large flakes and a firm but tender texture. Because of its leanness halibut becomes dried-out if overcooked.


Favorite among fishermen on the lower Atlantic coast and all the way around Florida and the Gulf of Mexico, Hog Fish is regarded as a real taste treat with high quality soft and tasty fillets.

Hog Fish

Yellowfin tuna (sometimes referred to as “ahi”) is less fatty, offers eight more grams of protein than wild salmon, and is prized for its mild but not fishy flavor.

Fresh Yellowfin Tuna

Mild-sweet tasting flesh with a firm texture, moderate fat, and large, circular flakes when cooked. The flesh is a beautiful white color and remains white when cooked.


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