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Please Note: Our Weekly SPECIALS usually run Thursday to Sunday each week.

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This Week’s Fresh Seafood Specials!

SPECIAL priced items good Thurs. to Sun. Feb. 25th to the 28th or “While Supplies Last!”

Updated Thursday Feb. 25th, 2021

A true New England delicacy! Fresh Wild-caught Monkfish Fillet (a.k.a. Poor Man’s Lobster) from the shores of New Bedford, Mass. The Fillet has a firm texture with a very sweet flavor. Great sautéed in a flavored butter, bacon wrapped & roasted, or used in a stew.

Featured Items

Pricing & availability subject to change at any time or “While Supplies Last!”

Please Note: Featured items represent a sample of Fresh Seafood we may have in stock this week…BUT..our selection changes on a daily basis. As always, we ask you call for availability of a specific item you may be looking for. If we don’t have it, we may be able to order it for you. Pricing may change without notice.

Fresh hand reared Ocean farmed Salmon from the oldest independent Salmon farm in Scotland. Hand cut by our professionals and pin-boned. A great source of heart healthy Omega-3’s and protein. Try it with one of our All Natural Northwest Cedar Planks. Great tasting and fully sustainable.

Chilean Sea Bass has a wonderful taste. Its high fat content gives it a rich, moist, flavor profile which melts in your mouth. It has snow white flesh with large flakes.

A best seller at NEF because they are already peeled and deveined for you! A delicious, nutritious source of protein. These tasty Jumbo sized shrimp count out at 16 to 20 per pound. An excellent shrimp skewered and grilled, fried, or shrimp scampi with our homemade scampi butter.

Fresh in from our sources in the Florida Keys and West Coast (FL). Always cooked and ready to eat, we can crack them for you or pick up a crustacean crusher (mallet) and some mustard sauce and “Let’s get Crack’in!” Please Call for fresh shipment information and pricing.

Clambakes are fun! A “Feast” of fresh PEI Black Mussels, fresh Middle Neck Clams, red bliss potatoes, Cajun Andouille sausage, clam broth, sweet Florida corn and Two Live Maine Lobsters(1 to 1.1 lbs ea.)! Comes in a can ready to cook at your leisure! Please call to order.

Fresh Premium Oysters of the Gulf (FL-LA-TX)  Fresh, plump, and full of that fresh Sea flavor! Enjoy with our fresh Horseradish Cocktail sauce. Box price includes 30lbs of Oysters that, depending on size, will count out to 75 to 80 Oysters (approx.).

“From the Bering Sea to your Table” Alaskan Cod is a delicate, flaky, very mild fillet, low in fat and calories. It is excellent baked in the oven, steamed, or batter fried as a fish-n-chips. (prev. froz.)

Sweet and Wild Shrimp running 16 to 20 per pound. Excellent for a shrimp cocktail, stuffed and baked, grilled, or sautéed with our house scampi butter. A customer favorite because… “Wild Shrimp Just Taste Better!”

“A Seafood feast in a can” Comes with: *1 1/2 lbs Premium Alaskan Snow Crab *1 lb. of Wild Florida Jumbo Shrimp *1 lb. PEI Mussels *Red Potatoes, corn on the Cob & Andouille sausage *Steams in a combination of Scampi Butter, lemon, celery, onion & Debby’s Shellfish Spice ~Comes in a Can ready to cook at your leisure ~Please Call to order~

The Connoisseurs Choice! http://www.shrimparadise.com/ Under 15 count size COLOSSAL Wild Caught Shrimp with a firm, crisp texture and sweet flavor. Great baked, grilled, sauteed, or stuffed with fresh crab stuffing! “Wild Shrimp Just Taste Better!”

Extraordinary Ocean-farmed Salmon of Scotland. A naturally Superior Salmon and a great source of heart-healthy Omega-3’s and protein. A little Wood makes it good! Try it with one of our all-natural Northwest Cedar Planks. Great Tasting and Fully Sustainable!

The Best pick of the Crab. Large Lumps from the Backfin that are perfect for Crab Imperial, Cakes, or an impressive Stuffing for our Fresh Fish or Colossal Shrimp. 100% Wild harvest Crab!

Fresh wild caught Genuine Red Snapper from the Gulf is a “Smart Seafood Choice” (NOAA Fisheries) because of responsible U.S. Sustainability Laws. The fillet is firm with a very mild sweet taste. Try it sauteed, baked, or on the grill.

Fresh Ocean-farmed Salmon sourced from the BEST farms throughout the North Atlantic. Fresh Canadian, Norwegian, Faroe Islands, Icelandic, and Scottish. Popular Industry leaders like UNA, Wester Ross, and Loch Duart brands. A great source of heart healthy Omega-3’s and protein.

We carry the freshest Grouper! Harvest locations include the Atlantic (Seasonal) and the Gulf of Mexico. Grouper has a meaty, large flake that holds together great on the grill, baked in the oven, or sliced and fried as “Grouper Fingers” with our spectacular house tartar sauce.

Flown in fresh from the Icy cold waters of Iceland. A premium whitefish fillet with a super mild taste and flaky texture. Excellent topped with our panko breadcrumbs.

Just in from Cajun Country. A delicious, fully cooked Sausage in different flavors…..Smoked Pork & Alligator, Smoked Pork and Crawfish, Smoked Pork and Shrimp, and Andouille.

Our Self-branded Oyster, fresh Harvest from Duxbury Bay, Mass. U.S.A. Flavor Profile- Firm white meats with a butter/brine flavor…clean taste with a mossy-seaweed finish.

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