Featured Items & Specials

Join Us for our Fresh Catch Seafood Specials available in our Markets this Weekend!

SPECIAL priced items good Thurs. to Sun. Nov. 21st to Nov. 24th or “While Supplies Last!”

Updated Thursday Nov. 21st, 2019    SELECTION MAY VARY BY LOCATION. Please Call to order!

Fresh Flounder is highly prized for its lean white meat and delicate flavor. Virginia Fluke (Summer Flounder) is considered a “Smart Seafood choice” by NOAA Fisheries because it is sustainably managed and responsibly harvested under U.S. regulations. (NOAA website)

Delicious Shrimp from the shores of Key West. Sweet, crisp and full of flavor. A nice size (26 to 30 per lb) for the grill, a shrimp boil, Cocktail shrimp, or sautéed with our house scampi butter. “Wild Shrimp Just Taste Better!”

A great Sea-Snack and house favorite! Hot-smoked Salmon that was candy brined in brown sugar/honey/salt. Finished off with a Soy/honey glaze….Yum!

Looking for something Wild & Tropical? Try our fresh Mahi Fillet, south Florida’s most popular fish! A lean fish with a firm texture and mild, sweet flavor. Excellent on the grill.

Succulent Maine Lobster Tails from the Icy cold waters of the New England Coast. Easy to prepare grilled, broiled, baked-stuffed, or simply boiled. (Prev. frozen)

Clambakes are fun! A “Feast” of fresh PEI Black Mussels, fresh Middle Neck Clams, red bliss potatoes, Cajun Andouille sausage, clam broth, sweet Florida corn and Two Live Maine Lobsters….. (chix 1 to 1.1 lbs ea.)! Comes in a can ready to cook at your leisure! Please call to order.

“A Summer Favorite” Sweet #1 Caicos Island Conch marinated in hand-squeezed fresh Citrus juice and chopped fresh vegetables, fresh herbs, light spice.

Flown in fresh from the Icy cold waters of Iceland. A premium whitefish fillet with a super mild taste and flaky texture. Excellent topped with our panko breadcrumbs.

Fresh Quality Maine Lobster from a source you can trust! Our delicious Lobsters can be packed live to take home or call us ahead of time and we can steam for you…Free of charge! (Please Call to order)

A best seller at NEF because they are already peeled and deveined for you! A delicious, nutritious source of protein. These tasty Jumbo sized shrimp count out at 16 to 20 per pound. An excellent shrimp skewered and grilled, fried, or shrimp scampi with our homemade scampi butter.

Super Spudz baked in the oven, then mixed with heavy cream, butter, sour cream, and spices. Re-stuffed and topped with your choice of Wisconsin Cheddar or Parm/Bacon!

We carry the freshest Grouper! Harvest locations include the Atlantic (Seasonal) and the Gulf of Mexico. Grouper has a meaty, large flake that holds together great on the grill, baked in the oven, or sliced and fried as “Grouper Fingers” with our spectacular house tartar sauce.

Just in from Cajun Country. A delicious, fully cooked Sausage in different flavors…..Smoked Pork & Alligator, Smoked Pork and Crawfish, Smoked Pork and Shrimp, and Andouille.